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Amazon Product Photography Made Simple: What You Need to Know

Professional Amazon Product Photography:

Customers that purchase online do so for the comfort of online shopping, but they do not have the opportunity to touch as well as feel the product before purchasing it. As a result, they rely largely on product pictures to make purchasing decisions.

Simply put, it is vital that you present your products in the best possible light by using high-quality images as an online retailer, which is why you need the best product photographers in Delhi on your team.

Product photos should be clear furthermore provide information about the product, such as colour, size, also material. Product photos not only help you sell more, but they also help you establish your brand image as well as, over time, consumer loyalty.

Why do you need good images for any e-commerce platform?

  • Because your products will be listed amid thousands of others, so an ecommerce product photographer will make sure they standout out.
  • The photos should also compliment your listing; if the photos and description don’t match especially, buyers are more likely to be turned off.
  • You should also ensure that you present an accurate vision of the items; you want what buyers receive at their houses to match what they ordered thus getting a professional on your team always helps.

Tips on how to capture photos for Amazon Listing:

Make use of suitable lighting.

Let’s start with e-commerce product photography lighting. Without adequate lighting, neither your product nor your background will appear as they do in reality. There are two types of lighting available: studio lighting and natural lighting. The product you’re capturing, the goal of the photo, and above all the medium you’ll use to promote it will all influence the setting you choose. In the case of Amazon product photos, a white background is recommended.

Images with a high resolution:

Make sure your products are photographed with a high-resolution lens on a professional camera. The photographs should be clear and of decent quality. Upon viewing, they should provide product details. When photographing your product, the lighting should not be overly bright or too dull.

Angle of the image

A ‘main image’ is the first image that appears on the search and afterwards the product pages. In other words, always make sure the main image shows the merchandise from the front. That is to say, the main image of the product should not be the back view in case of ecommerce photoshoot. The remaining photographs should show the product from every angle imaginable.

White background

While uploading the photographs, use a white background for all of your Amazon product photography products. Most certainly the white background helps to highlight the product’s benefits.

Make use of a tripod.

Tripods may appear to be an extraneous piece of technical equipment, but they make a significant difference in the clarity and quality of your Amazon product photography. However, they aren’t always costly and difficult to use!

Size of the product

For amazon product photography, the product size in the image should be neither too large nor too small. Firstly, If the product is too small, there will be a lot of white space around it in the image, and some specifics may be lost. Secondly, some features may become out of focus if the product is too large. Both of these issues will result in a negative customer experience, which may have an impact on your online ranking. As a result, when planning an ecommerce photoshoot, keep the aspect ratios of the images in mind.

Take a lot of shots

It is always preferable to have several photos of your product rather than just one or two, especially if you are selling online through a platform. This is due to the fact that the people to whom you are selling it may not have physically experienced the item. They have no idea how your product looks or feels. As a result, it is critical to provide them with a variety of photographs taken from various perspectives.

Avoid putting anything else with the product

One of the most important components of ecommerce photography is retaining transparency with your customers. Photographing extra products alongside the product may lead buyers to be misled. As a result, it’s critical to show only what you’re selling to customers during ecommerce product photography.

Amazon Product Image Requirements

The technical specs for the product image you submit to Amazon are listed below.

  1. Any of the following formats should be used for the image file: TIFF (.tiff or.tif), GIF (.gif), PNG (.png), or JPEG are all types of image formats for e commerce photography.
  2. Every image should have a resolution of at least 1000 pixels or more for amazon product photography.
  3. The image’s colour mode should be either CMYK or RGB.
  4. The product’s identifier should be included in every file name.

Why Capture Clues for amazon product photography:

We at Captureclues are Amazon product photography experts who know everything there is to know about product photography for Amazon. We are a group of Amazon photographers who work professionally. As a result, we can help your company expand online and stand out from the crowd thanks to our years of experience and expertise in the sector.

We are qualified professional freelance photographer in Delhi that have access to the most up-to-date technology and equipment to capture your product and all of its unique selling points with our professional cameras. As the best product photographers in Delhi, we pledge to not only meet but also surpass our clients’ expectations with our work and above all our love for product photography.

In e-commerce, it’s critical to stand apart, therefore let’s collaborate on your next product photography shoot if you want to take your business to the next level.Simply fill our request form to set up an appointment and let’s talk about all of your options in advance; a member of our team will call you to discuss your options.

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