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3999 / Day
  • Outdoor Only
  • 10 Retouch Pictures + All Raw Pictures
  • 2 Changes (Dresses Allowed)
  • Duration upto 2 hours
  • No Touchup


6999 / Day
  • Outdoor Only
  • 10 Retouch Pictures + All Raw Pictures
  • 2 Changes (Dresses Allowed)
  • Duration upto 2 hours
  • No Touchup


10999 / Day
  • Outdoor Only
  • 10 Retouch Pictures + All Raw Pictures
  • 2 Changes (Dresses Allowed)
  • Duration upto 2 hours
  • No Touchup

*Dresses will be arranged by your side, if we provide dresses then charges will be extra

*Outdoor locations can Lodhi garden, Nehru park or we will suggest the best possible location.

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Best Fashion Photographer in Delhi


Fashion photography is all over the place. Every day, you’ll discover hundreds of photographs of men and women dolled up, displaying apparel, jewelry, and footwear.

Fashion photography is a fast-paced industry. Portraiture, posing, extensive lighting, stunning backgrounds, and clothing are all a part of it.

However, what may surprise you is that as more and more photographers develop their own aesthetic, this genre evolves hence changes. It applies to many forms of photography, on the other hand it is especially common in fashion photography, where photographers become renowned and discovered for their distinctive style. And this is where our team, Capture Clues really shines we are the best fashion photographers in Delhi. We are committed to developing something one-of-a-kind yet visually pleasing for each customer with whom we work.

As the best fashion photographers in Delhi, we guarantee to not only meet but also surpass our clients’ expectations with our work and dedication for fashion photography.

Bhavish Dawar, Best fashion photographer in Delhi.

Bhavish dawar is the founder of Capture Clues. Who feels that photography is about getting to know someone from behind a lens rather than simply capturing them.

Choosing the best fashion photographer in Delhi can ensure a perfect result we know that fashion isn’t only about what you wear; it’s also about how well you’re photographed. Bhavish Dawar, considered Delhi’s top fashion photographer, tries to capture not only the clothing but also the story behind it. With his lens and expertise, he has helped countless brands create gorgeous portfolios throughout the years.

Fashion photography is a form of art, and only a select few fashion photographers in Delhi are capable of doing it. Our team, Capture Clues, collaborates with our customers to understand their needs and make their visions a reality. To ensure that our customers’ expectations are met, we have innovative equipment and techniques on hand, as well as a devoted staff of skilled photographers, and video production professionals.

With our friendly approach, advanced experience, and cutting-edge equipment, we promise the best and the greatest outcomes in the industry.

Capture Clues is one of Delhi’s top fashion photographer agency and we understand that fashion isn’t only about what you wear; it’s also about how well you’re captured. And our work with companies like Aram & Co, Popcorn & Company, The Purple Plate, and Madam Curry reflects this.

We are a group of fashion photographers with extensive experience and expertise in multi-brand campaigns, fashion photographs, concept shoots, and label collections and provide the best fashion photography in all over Delhi.

Why do you require the services of the best fashion photographers in Delhi?

With an increase in online customers and more individuals purchasing online rather than in stores, brands must now provide an experience that is comparable to that of offline purchasing. So, whether you’re displaying your clothes designs or promoting your new collections, We at Capture Clues can assist you and your brand in providing a memorable experience for your clients; you can now hire us as your fashion photographer by filling out our inquiry form.

Why Capture Clues for your next Fashion Photography Project in Delhi?

When our team covers fashion shootings, we attempt to catch the finest elements in an outfit as the best fashion photographer in Delhi, so that when a customer sees it, they can genuinely identify with it. This bond is critical because if a person does not feel attached to a garment, he or she will not purchase it. It is the brand’s identity that you cover in fashion photography, not just a model posing for photos.

Capture Clues has been in the photography industry for a long time and provides a wide range of services and professionals to meet the needs of its customers. We also upgrade our equipment on a regular basis to suit our clients need and ensure that you get the greatest photos and videos possible.

Our services as best fashion photographers in Delhi include, nonetheless are not limited to, the following:

  • High Fashion Photography

High fashion photography is a style of photography in which we photograph models in order to highlight the products that the brands are promoting through the model.

  • Editorial Fashion Photography

This style of fashion photography is distinctive and well-known. An editorial fashion photography uses the image to convey a message. Here, we, as photographers, will capture the model while he or she is wearing the outfit and doing something else. It depicts their way of life and what they are doing.

  • Catalogue Fashion Photography

In this type of fashion photography, the clothes and brands are the only things that matter. It’s a minimalist shot that focuses less on the model and more on the garment he or she is wearing.

  • Street Fashion Photography

The most enjoyable approach to photograph fashion is to photograph it on the street. The goal of street fashion photography is to take images of models going down the street dressed in fashionable attire and carrying fashionable accessories.

  • Portrait Fashion Photography

Portrait photography is the most well-known and well-known form of fashion photography. Photographing solely your model in various poses is known as portrait photography.

  • Lifestyle Fashion Photography

Fashion is influenced by one’s lifestyle. People would know what is in style thanks to lifestyle fashion photography. Which outfits, patterns, and colors are popular right now? A lifestyle photograph will provide you with these answers. Lifestyle fashion photography can be extremely beneficial to a company’s marketing efforts.

  • Social Media Fashion Photography

People nowadays perform fashion photography for social media in order to gain popularity or to inspire others. Social networking can help you establish yourself as a fashion icon. And we at capture clues can help you capture just that right shot.

How to get in touch with the Capture Clues

Fashion photography offers a variety of uses. Since we all know that this is India’s fastest growing industry, many small businesses and large corporations are looking to partner with agencies that can deliver the necessary outcomes within the specified time limit, this is where we come in ,We at Capture Clues offer cost-effective fashion photography services in Delhi to help your brand grow digitally.

Every fashion photography style is effective in its own way. And we understand that every client need can be different because each form of fashion photography has its own unique voice. However, in the end, the fashion photography style you choose is entirely up to you, and as the top fashion photographers in Delhi, we guarantee to produce the greatest results in the industry.

Simply fill out our inquiry form to arrange an appointment and let’s talk about all your options ahead of time, a professional from our team will call you to discuss ahead.