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Wedding photographer in Delhi

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Wedding photographer in Delhi

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Wedding photographer in Delhi

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Candid Photographer

Candid Photographer

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45000 / Day
  • 1 Traditional Photographer
  • 1 Traditional Videographer
  • 40 Pages Album
  • Complete Traditional Film
  • Edited + Raw Soft Copies
  • No Candid Phtotgrapher
  • No Cinematic Trailer
  • No Cinematographer
  • No Cinematic Film


55000 / Day
  • 1 Traditional Photographer
  • 1 Traditional Videographer
  • 1 Candid Phtotgrapher
  • 40 Pages Album
  • Complete Traditional Film
  • Traditional Edited + Raw Soft Copies
  • Candid Edited + Raw Soft Copies
  • 1-2 Cinematic Trailer
  • No Cinematographer + Cinematic Film


65000 / Day
  • 1 Traditional Photographer
  • 1 Traditional Videographer
  • 1 Candid Photographer
  • 1 Cinematographer
  • 40 Pages Album
  • Complete Traditional Film
  • Traditional Edited + Raw Soft Copies
  • Candid Edited + Raw Soft Copies
  • 1-2 Cinematic Trailer + 20 Minutes Cinematic Film



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50% – On Event Date 20% – After Deliverables are Delivered

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Best wedding photography in Delhi

What significance does wedding photography carry?

One of the most essential decisions you will make is selecting the best wedding photographer. It’s about so much more than the wedding day itself when it comes to wedding photography. It’s the first day of an amazing and wonderful trip together, a chapter that you and your partner are starting together. At Capture Clues, we strive to capture not just how you seem, as well as how you feel additionally the love that surrounds the happy couple. The photographs you receive are a snapshot in time; they will transport you back in time thus they help you to relive experiences and feelings, therefore you need just the best wedding photographers in Delhi by your side as your wonderful day unfolds.

Weddings are expensive occasions. However, once the dress has been wrapped, the food and drink has been devoured, and the laughter and lovely tears of family and friends have faded into beloved memories, it is the photographs that remain. Your tangible remembrance of a significant life event.

Good Wedding Photography is an essential part of your big day; Here our 5 reasons why;

  • A memento of your life’s journey

You can be rest assured that each moment of your special day has been preserved in beautiful memories for your family as well as the future generations when you have a collection of wedding images from the best wedding photographers in Delhi.

  • Relive the moments you missed

Our goal as the top wedding photographers in Delhi is to record every detail of your wedding day, details that you will miss because to greeting guests, retouching makeup, or simply verifying that everything is in order.

  • Go on an emotional adventure.

We, as professional photographers, are able to catch heartwarming, emotional moments that you may otherwise miss. As the best professional wedding photographers in Delhi, we like to blend into the background to capture candid photos of these personal moments.

  • Avoid blurry memoirs

One of the primary advantages of hiring a professional wedding photographer is that you avoid having to deal with blurry, over-exposed, or just plain bad photos taken by a family member using a cellphone.

  • We can eliminate some of the day’s tension

As the top wedding photographers in Delhi, we have a lot of knowledge hence will be able to capture the greatest photographs in the simplest, most simple manner imaginable. This relieves you of stress and allows you to relax as well as enjoy the day.

Bhavish Dawar, Delhi’s best wedding photographer.

Capture Clues was founded by Bhavish Dawar.  Who feels that photography is about getting to know someone from behind a lens rather than simply capturing them.

We understand that the main goal in wedding photography is to capture a beautiful memory for the couple who are about to start this new chapter of life together, therefore by choosing the best wedding photographer in Delhi we can ensure the best results in the industry. We as wedding photographers strive to capture not just how you seem, as well as how you feel and the love that surrounds the happy couple. This is critical because you are looking for someone to capture memories for you, not simply someone to take’snaps’ on your day. Your wedding photographs should be as one-of-a-kind as you.

To ensure that our customers’ expectations are surpassed, we have cutting-edge equipment and techniques on hand, as well as a committed staff of expert photographers as well as video production professionals.

With our pleasant approach, extensive experience, and cutting-edge technology, we promise the best and greatest results in the industry.

Capture Clues is a leading wedding photographer company in Delhi, and we understand that the major purpose of wedding photography is to capture the love that surrounds the happy couple. Thus our work with Aram & Co, Popcorn & Company, The Purple Plate, and Madam Curry confirms this.

We believe that a wedding is without a doubt one of the most important events in anyone’s life. You’ll be pleased to remember those lovely times decades later. And the best approach to reawaken the nostalgia is with all of these beautiful images you have.

Wedding Photography Styles for Your Big Day;

We have outlined some major Indian wedding photography types that you will undoubtedly enjoy, so continue reading.

  • Documentary Photography

Photographic Documentary

As the title suggests, it is the official record of the entire wedding. It focuses on telling the story via photographing the wedding’s small and large details.Throughout the day, the best wedding photographer in Delhi will not instruct or frame you. While the wedding couple enjoys their day, the documentary style wedding photographer creates a collection of images that tell the tale of the day.

  • Wedding Photography in the Traditional Style

For all of us, this type of Indian wedding photography idea is relatively regular! Formal postures in front of the camera are included. Traditional photography allows the photographer to create the ideal environment for capturing everyone’s best pose.

  • Dramatic Wedding Photography

Dramatic wedding photography is all about adding drama to the ordinary. This aims to bring out the uniqueness and elegance in your wedding photos.

  • Candid Photography

Because of the beauty it captures, candid wedding photography has become one of the most popular Indian wedding photography types. This photographic style focuses on all things authentic and genuine. Because candid photographs are unposed, they are more relevant and valuable.

  • Lifestyle Wedding Photography

A popular wedding photography style these days is lifestyle wedding photography, which takes images that provide a look into the couple’s lifestyle. These photographs are typically taken in exotic places or in a relaxing setting.

  • Drone Wedding Photography

Without a question, this is everyone’s favourite. When shooting in the outdoors, drone wedding photography takes on a whole new meaning. Now, as the top wedding photographers in Delhi, we can assist you in capturing your special day with the most up-to-date drone photography equipment.

  • Destination wedding photography

You’ve found a beautiful location to hold your joyful wedding. Finding one of the best destination wedding photographers to capture all of the beauty should be the next step. You’ve spent a lot of time as well as money to make your wedding a lavish affair, so it goes without saying that it should be well photographed.

These are the memories that will last a lifetime. These are the kinds of memories you want to share with others, including coming generations. Fill out our inquiry form to book the best wedding photographers in Delhi for your special day. We will contact you as soon as possible.